Environmental Humanities: Implications for Language, Migration and Global Studies

Gideon S. Omachonu

Gideon S. Omachonu

Keywords: Multidisciplinary Research, Environmental Humanities, Language, Migration, Global Studies



The paper examines the nexus among and/or between environmental humanities, language, migration and global studies as occasioned by the emergence and emphasis on interdisciplinary and integrative research in the humanities. The methods for information gathering for the study were mainly library research and observation. The aim is to generate interest in the emerging areas of research in the humanities and to provoke further arguments and investigations in the area(s). This is with a view to improving the reader’s perception on the contributions of arts and humanities to scientific knowledge and their practical relevance for innovative solutions to societal problems hitherto misunderstood and neglected. It argues that, before now, research in the humanities was characterized as individual and discipline-oriented but sometimes isolated, reproductive, and conservative. However, collaboration as encouraged in multidisciplinary research nowadays has brought less isolation for researchers in the humanities and as such, the practical relevance of their contribution to knowledge and innovative solutions to problem solving in the society is becoming more obvious with the integrative approach to research in the new humanities. The paper concludes that it is only interdisciplinary research as encouraged in the new humanities that can conveniently bring together in a single research endeavour, issues relating to language, migration and global studies, providing innovative solutions for societal transformation.

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