Global Intelligibility: The Place of Communicative Competence in English for Nigerian Migrants

Eyisi C. J, Frank Onuh, Joy Eyisi (Jnr.), Felicia Oamen

Eyisi C. J, Frank Onuh, Joy Eyisi (Jnr.), Felicia Oamen

Keywords: communicative competence, English language, migration



The English language has continued to expand into new territories and has remained the language of choice for international communication. While the introduction of technology and America’s role as the leading country in that sphere have contributed to the expansion of the language, migration has also helped in the facilitation of national and international communication in English. This paper reaffirms the importance of English as the preferred language of communication globally, and the need for migrants to achieve competence in the use of the language. With precise descriptions and comments that indicate acceptable forms of usage, the paper also highlights specific language use cases as cues to the future development of communicative competence.

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