Global Migration, COVID-19 and Its Effects on Economies: A Focus on Repositioning Nigerian Economy

Ganiyat A. Adesina- Uthman

Ganiyat A. Adesina- Uthman

Keywords: globalization; Migration; COVID-19; Pandemic; Economic Development


A healthy nation is a wealthy nation, which may account for the nexus between health, human mobility, and economics development. Freedom to move within a nation and among nations engenders the active population’s engagements in social economic activities that are expected to impact on economic growth. The world is currently witnessing a virus popularly known as COVID-19 (Corona virus, 2019). It first surfaced in a city of Wuhan, China towards the end of 2019. However, the virus has moved from been epidemic to pandemic issues in many countries thus moving from been health issues to political, security and most importantly economic issue affecting human’s national and transnational economics and migration. The paper employs secondary data, use of charts and descriptive analysis to touch on the situations posed by COVID-19 pandemic. It analyses the potential effects of COVID-19 on gross domestic products, aviation industry, tourism, commodity prices in different economies based on the description of some selected key macroeconomic indicators at a global and Nigerian context. It found that the short-run policy strategies by Nigerian government is suitable for immediate recovery of the economy. It also found that COVID-19 has come to expose lapses in the Nigerian economy not just on the health system but also on non-availability of database and modern management of economy with current digitalization and technological avalanche. It then proceeds to highlight long-run policy strategies for economic revival and reposition of the Nigerian economy.

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