Migration and Conflicts in Nigeria: Issues and Management Strategies

Iroye Samuel Opeyemi

Iroye Samuel Opeyemi

Keywords: Conflict, Insecurity, Migration, Management


Migration and its attending crisis have been an issue of national and internal discourse in the recent times most especially as regards how it is causing serious insecurity all over the world. In as much as it will be impossible to stop the movement of persons from one place to another, the concern in this regard is how such movement can occur without necessarily causing any form of mayhem or harm to the people and the environment generally in the process. it is therefore in this regard that this study sets out to examine the issue of migration and how it can occasion conflicts in Nigeria vis-à-vis dealing with such issues in order to maximally reduce the negative impact. One major factor that has contributed to the issue of conflict arising from migration is that of uncensored movement and porous borders both within and into the country. Analytical method of research using qualitative approach was employed in this study. This study postulates that holistic approach must be adopted by the Government in dealing with issues of illegal and uncensored migration into the country in order to curtail the negative impact of migration both within and into the country.

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