Migration and Displacement: Legal Constraints of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria

Akujobi Toju Alero  & Awhefeada Ufuoma V

Akujobi Toju Alero  & Awhefeada Ufuoma V

Keywords: Displacement, Internally Displaced persons, Migration, Covid-19, Pandemic


This paper sets out to evaluate how displacement impacts on migration in Nigeria. Displaced persons ordinarily suffer from severe deprivations and precarious living conditions; the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic without doubt, worked even more grave hardships on the community of the displaced. This paper ventures into the effects/challenges brought upon displaced persons with regards to the enjoyment and enforcement of human rights and the ability of such persons to abide by the restrictions and regulations guiding conduct of persons during the pandemic. It considers the factors causing displacement and argues that the living conditions of displaced persons leaves them with no option but to disregard the regulations consequent upon the failure of government to put in place enabling conditions that will engender respect and obedience to the regulations. The paper adopts the doctrinal approach and examines the regulations for internally displaced persons (IDPs) through reliance on relevant laws in the country, data collection and existing literature. The study finds that the absence of a national legal framework specifically for internally displaced person is a constraint to realizing their human rights. It recommends among others legislation as against a national policy that will cater for prevention and management of internal displacement in Nigeria. The work concludes by advocating for an urgent attention in a systematic and coordinated manner for persons migrating as a result of forced displacement.

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