Stemming the Tide of Emigration of Persons from Nigeria through Effective Leadership Practice: The Role of Leadership Education

Osayamen S. Imhangbe

Osayamen S. Imhangbe

Keywords: Emigration of Persons, Leadership, Leadership Education, Migration of Persons, Leadership Practice.


This paper explored the issue of the trans-border emigration from Nigeria. In so doing, it considered the nature of the linkage between leadership practice in Nigeria and the changing trend in emigration trajectory in the country. On the spur of the growing concern; both from government and international community, about the increasingly disturbing statistics of emigrants from Nigeria, the paper sought to ascertain the linkage between the lingering leadership question and the emigration challenge and how resolving the issue of leadership deficit in the country could translate to settling the Nigerian emigration challenge. To do this, the paper adopted the exploratory cum expository research methodology. In so doing, it retrieved published outcomes of
direct research and relevant data from secondary sources as well as opinions from some experts through interview. This was to garner sufficient data on the issue to help reach some level of understanding on the linkage. On finding that leadership practice in Nigeria and its emigration challenge are inextricably tied, the paper held that resolving the leadership question in Nigeria would result in addressing her emigration challenge. To this end, the paper suggested that careful and proper incorporation and involvement of the leadership education tool in the attempt to solve the Nigerian leadership conundrum would mostly bring about denouement to her disturbing emigration challenge. It then submitted that to effectively address Nigeria’s emigration challenge, resolving Nigeria’s leadership deficit is a must and the tool of leadership education offers a potent remedial resource.

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